The LightSheer DESIRE: Redefining Grooming

Pain isn’t much fun. Yet, it can often seem as though it’s essential to beauty

Hair removal is one of the most painful beauty procedures for both men and women. Traditional methods, such as waxing, can be both unpleasant and irritating, especially for sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal has progressively sought to eliminate much of the discomfort felt during hair reduction. With lasers providing less invasive methods of treatment than other alternatives, their continued development is great news for grooming lovers everywhere.

The LightSheer DESIRE

The LightSheer DESIRE is the next big thing in laser hair removal. As a faster and less painful version of the current laser treatment, patients get to enjoy stunning benefits without the agony.

The LightSheer device itself is smaller and less intimidating. Its portable design allows it to access many of the body’s most intimate areas. By using specially developed technology, skin is not only smoother after just one session, but also less prone to hair growth than previously.

How it works

LightSheer DESIRE devices remove hair quicker and more effectively than traditional lasers by making use of patented Luminis technology.

High Speed Integration Technology and Chilltip Technology built into the DESIRE device act as a vacuum and a cooling mechanism simultaneously. This allow coverage of up to 75% more hair.

A Painless Treatment

Before applying the laser to the skin, the cooling process begins courtesy of the Chilltip feature. This reduces any redness and inflammation that would previously have occurred afterwards.

The LightSheer DESIRE uses the industry Gold Standard wavelength: an 805nm diode. This diode has been recommended for use on all skin types, and is the safest type available on the market.

Effortless Efficiency

High-speed Integrated Technology causes a reduction in chromophore competition, resulting in a better delivery of energy.

With a treatment area of 22x35mm, more of the skin can be worked on at any one time, meaning the session is concluded much faster. It also means there’s a reduced need for external cooling agents or anaesthetics. Patients with all types of disposition can now have sessions performed without any pain aids.

Greater Safety

As lasers have powerful beams, skin can often become damaged if used incorrectly. With the LightSheer DESIRE’s ChillTip Technology, instances of skin damaged are rapidly reduced. Its cooling feature reduces skin temperature, not just before, by throughout treatment, keeping it at a stable temperature until the session concludes.

A Superior Treatment

With treatment fast treatment times, lesser pain and irritation, and stunning results, it’s clear to see why the LightSheer DESIRE is becoming an industry favorite. Doctors and patients alike are keen to upgrade their current grooming systems to the more advanced DESIRE one.

Surprisingly, a session with a LightSheer DESIRE laser will probably cost less than any previous laser treatment you may have had in the past.