The Lumenis M22 – Versatile, Effective, Pain-free

The M22 from Lumenis is the latest type of laser used by dermatologists to treat a wide array of cosmetic conditions.

By combining specially designed technology, for use solely on the M22 laser, Lumenis have created one of the most effective modern skin care treatments currently available.

Why the M22 is advantageous

The multi-use laser has proven popular with patients wishing to have just one treatment to improve their skin conditions, rather than the multiple needed previously.

As a table-top laser, sessions with the M22 are far less invasive and quicker to perform than they are with other facial rejuvenation treatments.

With three settings – IPL, ResurFX, and Nd:Yag – the Lumenis M22 can effectively treat acne scars, leg veins, brown spots and unsightly hair growth in a way never before seen from a laser.

The IPL Module

For treatment of unwanted hair and vascular lesions, the IPL module on the M22 is one used by dermatologists to achieve extraordinary results.

One the reasons for the Lumenis M22’s popularity in the cosmetology field is its superior patient comfort levels. Using SaphireCool Lightguides, the laser is able to work simultaneously next to a cooling mechanism. Before, during and after a session, patients report to feeling virtually no amount of pain.

The Nd:YAG Module

The Lumenis M22’s third setting is the Nd:YAG. Using Multi Sequential Pulsing (MSP) as well as two sized lightguides, the laser is able to penetrate deep into the skins surface and beyond. This makes it the ideal treatment for leg veins and even dark tattoo removal.
The Nd:YAG module will be recommended by your cosmetology professional if you have any of the following:

• Leg veins
• Combination skin
• Vascular legions

Increased Safety

With safety being of prime importance in any treatment, dermatological or otherwise, manufacturers of health and cosmetic equipment are always searching for newer, safer features to install.

With the M22, safety is improved in multiple ways. Firstly, the laser’s homogenous beam profile improves its overall safety profile. Secondly, with minimized treatment times, skin is exposed to the laser for a far shorter span of time. There’s also less need for repeat sessions, saving future exposure, too. Thirdly, with patented cooling features, skin’s temperature stays considerably cooler than when undergoing previous laser treatments. This protects from future sensitivity and post-treatment pain.

Is the M22 right for you?

If you have any of the skin or hair problems mentioned in this article, the M22 laser may be the ideal solution for you.

Before deciding on any treatment, it’s always advised that you talk to your qualified dermatologist or skin care expert.

You can schedule an appointment today to learn more about the M22 and how it can help you regain the type of body you’re proud of.